Ph.D. MBMD  Dip.H.Ir. in Iridology and Natural Mind/Body Medicine

Miriam Garber was born in Transylvania, Romania and immigrated to Israel in 1959. She married Hagay in 1963 and today, they have grown children and grandchildren. Up till 29 years ago, Miriam was employed as a senior manager in an international export company but her professional success and good job weren’t what was needed to fulfill her soul’s desire. Studying reflexology was the first step on her spiritual path.  Miriam was soon completely enveloped in a wonderful world that totally connected her with her own, inner world.  Within a few years, the vast amount of knowledge she’d acquired studying in Israel and abroad and her burning desire to help people helped her become a prominent and popular holistic practitioner, highly skilled in a wide variety of fields.

מרים גרבר אירידיולוגיה

After completing her studies in teaching reflexology, Miriam studied Iridology with Dr. Shlomo Shlezinger who eventually appointed her as his successor. Miriam didn’t disappoint his clientele and students and became a highly knowledgeable Iridology instructor in Israel and abroad. Miriam teaches Prof. Schmidt’s system of Iridology and is recognized by his school of Iridology in Germany.

Miriam didn’t stop here; she studied Sclerology (diagnosis of the white of the eye) in the USA with a world expert in this field and expanded her diagnostic abilities.

Miriam teaches Iridology and Sclerology combined and is constantly developing and expanding her knowledge in these fields – Prof. Schmidt’s German method of Iridology, Dr. Jensen’s American method and Sclerology. The addition of Sclerology added a new dimension to eye diagnosis and Miriam is unique in this field in Israel. The combination of methods enables her to give wide ranging consultations to clients who often require a second opinion before having a surgery or other invasive treatments. Combining both systems with advanced technology for maximum accuracy gives Miriam an accurate and reliable diagnostic tool for determining the cause of the client’s suffering.

Additionally, combination of both systems gives her students a first class diagnostic tool. Miriam teaches the combined course in her healing center in Mishmar Hashiva and teaches both methods separately in various colleges of complementary medicine in Israel.

With the publication of her new book, “Practical Iridology- the Revealed Secret of the Eye”, Miriam shares her tremendous knowledge with practitioners and laymen interested in this subject. The book was published first in Hebrew and later was published in English and the rights were purchased in the USA for being distributed all over the world including on Amazon. (also available at the author in hebrew and english 053-4261677)

Miriam felt the need for additional treatment tools and travelling abroad to study unique systems became crucial to her professional training. Miriam is a Reiki Master. Reiki aroused her interest in spiritual healing and led her to England to a college of spiritual healing recommended by the British Embassy. She furthered her studies with an in-depth study of Reconnective Healing with Dr. Eric Pearl from the USA.

Miriam studied rebirthing in Israel and became a rebirthing coach in the USA. This method teaches how to deal with childhood traumas. After two years of studying meditation and self-awareness with Nissim Amon, Miriam travelled to Japan to study Zen Buddhism with the monk Gudo Wafu Nishijima.

In addition, Miriam has studied Simon Heater’s method of emotional healing in England under Simon Heater himself, Bach Flower Remedies and Bio-Orgonomy with Rafi Rozen.

Each new technique served to enrich her knowledge and gave her new ways of facilitating her clients who in many cases had lost their faith in the western approach to medicine that had failed to find a solution to their physical and emotional problems. Study of various methods of massage has enriched her  hands-on therapy and increased the efficiency of other treatments.

The “jewel in the crown” of diagnosis and treatment is the IPEC system.

IPEC – Integrated Physical and Emotional Clearing is a treatment method based on kinesiology (muscle testing). This system enables general health evaluation, phisiscal and emotional as well and consists of energy frequencies to neutralize allergies and sensitivities.  IPEC can be used to treat nearly any health challenge.

Working with IPEC led Miriam to create her own system I&S-AHT:

Iridology & Sclerology Advanced Holistic Technology

21 years ago Miriam’s dream came true and she established her own treatment and study center, complying with her own strict requirements concerning the environment people need to heal. Her center is in serene, green surroundings and serves as a clinic and study center of international standards, stressing the needs of both client and practitioner.

Miriam is a member of:

IIPA – The International Iridology Practitioners Association in the USA

Diplomate in Holostic Iridology and Member of the International Institute of Iridology in the USA founded by Dr. David J. Pesek.

The Chamber of Complementary Health Professions, RCP status R11992

The Fellowship of IPEC Practitioners

The Union of Reflexologists

The College of Spiritual Healing – UK

“I have been blessed with the best teachers possible in every field and feel that I have received the most professional and trustworthy training and am able to give my clients  well based treatment and guidance, strong foundations and upmost certainty.

My commitment is to make a difference in other people’s lives and to help others in any way possible whilst maintaining professionalism and credibility. I do not claim that I am able to heal others but I will do my best to help others discover their own healing powers, achieve self awareness and improve their quality of life. If I have succeeded in doing this, I am fulfilled.” Miriam Garber

a revolutionart step in iridology


Health evaluation and therapy recommendations based on markings in the human eyes

Dr. Miriam Garber Ph.D. MBMD in Iridology and natural mind/body medicine

A preliminary information about Iridology and Sclerology (Eyeology).

Iridology and Sclerology are ancient methods designed for a Non invasive physical and emotional Health evaluation based on signs in the human eyes. Eyeology enables us to evaluate the genetic constitution, weaknesses of the different organs and systems of the body and the potentiality of the body to deal with different diseases as well as detecting the pathology that is developing in the body in the present. With Eyeology we can also see the inborn personality qualities in order to understand better the person, his action and his capability of adaptation to different social frames in life.

Expose to harmful environmental factors, toxins, use of drugs and alcohol, smoking and radiation – all these create damage to the organism affecting the different organs and can be seen in the markings of the eyes. Please remember that in the modern western medicine the founding of irregularity in the laboratory will be manifested only when the problem is irreversible. We can use Iridology and Sclerology as preventive medicine  and early detection of life threatening diseases.

During 2 years Miriam Garber has conducted Clinical tests in hospitals and at the Technion in order to validate the Iridology and the Sclerology as pure science, with great success. In her research for 10 years she discovered that certain signs in the Iris point to traumas and stressful events and she managed to point out the exact year in the people’s lives when these events happened. This is significant to the ability to heal these traumas without wasting years of searching and digging in the soul and getting right to the core of the problem for healing.

For further information please read Miriam Garber’s book “Iridology in practice – Revealing the Secrets of the eyes”. The book is  available on Amazon and at the clinic.

Please keep in mind that this evaluation is not a medical diagnosis by any mean. The check up is meant to evaluate the health situation as per the parameters of the Eyology method that is based on translating the markings of the eyes. This evaluation is not instead a medical checkup and it is not allowed to give or stop any medication given by a physician.

Iridology is a diagnostic system based on science and philosophy. Iridology enables identification of the individual’s  physical/emotional/mental state using the colour, tissue density and various markings found on the coloured portion of the eye – the iris.

Using Iridology, an accurate and comprehensive picture of the client health can be obtained within a few minutes, without the use of invasive methods. Prediction of the tendency to develop certain diseases and weaknesses if a correct tailor-made lifestyle isn’t maintained is also possible. Consequently, preventive measures can be taken long before a health challenge appears.

Our constitution (basic congenital structure) cannot be changed but our lifestyle, nutrition, behavior, sleep, stress level, dwellings, career etc, can be and this can help strengthen congenital weaknesses and prevent the development of genetic tendencies discovered by this amazing method.

Markings indicating the development of conditions leading to various diseases can be observed in the iris e.g.: diabetes, rheumatism, high blood cholesterol, arterial sclerosis. Weakness of bodily systems can also be identified e.g:

the digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system, lymphatic system etc. Levels of stress and anxiety can also be observed. Miriam has developed a method of identifying exactly when a significant trauma was experienced, a trauma that continues to blocks development and personal growth and gives a feeling of being permanently stuck in life’s processes. Identifying the exact age the trauma was experienced makes discovery of the specific event that caused it quick and efficient and eases treatment of the root cause of the present difficulty.

We often hear the sentence “All the test results are fine but the patient doesn’t feel fine”. Iridology enables us to find the root cause of the problem and pick the correct the treatment to solve it.

An accurate diagnosis requires much skill and experience, not only in identifying markings but in the practitioner’s ability to make the correct link between the markings and the client’s physical, emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual symptoms.

Miriam Garber’s experience combined with state-of-the-art instruments and the ability to display photographs of the eye on a large screen enables her to focus on every detail and achieve an accurate result.

Please keep in mind that: The born constitution is not changeable but you can change your lifestyle, thoughts and behavior as well as nutrition in order to create good health.

Diagnosis of Trauma with Iridology – The Time Axis – and Treatment

Miriam Garber’s new method of pinpointing the age a trauma occurred opened a new era of iris diagnosis technique.

The iris is a kind of “black box” like in an airplane. From the moment of conception to the present minute, everything is recorded. Even though the markings portray the individual’s future potential, a choice still remains and life can be changed.

For years I have been observing certain markings that appear time after time in the iris and have discovered a strong link between these markings and the age the client experienced trauma. I have discovered how to establish the exact age or period of time that traumas that shocked the client’s psyche occurred.

The body’s cells remember the event and create physical blocks that in turn, influence emotional reactions, have a detrimental effect on quality of life and obstruct the fulfillment of desires and good health.

Researchers from all over the world have discovered other accurate methods utilizing differently situated markings in the iris. The possibility of combining their methods and using treatment methods that have been developed with my method has created a powerful tool that can solve a wide range of problems and can put an end to long term pain and suffering.

In depth study can show if the client’s birth was normal, desired, on time or not. Problems during pregnancy and the month they occurred in can also be seen. These fascinating markings represent landmarks on the client’s life path, pinpointing the difficult times. Evaluating the way they influence the client’s functioning in life is an important part of treating traumas, neutralizing their influence on the body/soul and assisting the client in regaining equilibrium.

Iridology and IPEC gather together methods taken from psychology, Chinese medicine, vibrational medicine and others. Treatment often takes the form of gently touching the body at the points indicated by the location of the trauma markings on the iris. (See additional details in method index and reference material in the book “Practical Iridology” The revealed secret of the eye). Much experience in treating emotions is required to support the client during and following the process. Miriam has the required experience.

This is just the beginning of upgrading the iridologist’s work. Miriam already has new tools for locating and evaluating the emotions and spiritual aspects reflected in the eye.

From here, the sky’s the limit!

Miriam teaches Iridology and Sclerology to doctors, practitioners, pharmacists and to people wanting to broaden their horizons.



If you thought that one look in your iris is enough to reveal all your secrets, you should know that the iris divulges only half the knowledge.

 This is a science that has been revived in the last decade and reveals all the body’s secrets. The various red lines on the sclera (white of the eye) are not meaningless. They contain accurate information about what’s happening in the body right now, at this moment and indicate processes that are just about to become apparent.

Every line and marking in the sclera, even the tiny ones, reflect processes occurring in the body, from indication of a specific organ weakness due to a high level of toxicity to development of diseases such as diabetes, unstable blood pressure (high or low), toxin accumulation from use of medications, damage caused by drugs or other narcotic substances (use of hormones, steroids, prescription or non-prescription drugs etc.) to degenerative processes and development of cancerous and/or benign tumors.

Certain markings indicate problems in a specific organ and others indicate systemic problems.

If we compare iridology to sclerology, iridology indicates genetic tendencies, congenital weaknesses, processes acquired during life, processes from the near or distant past and future potentials.

Sclerology gives accurate information about what’s happening in the body right now!

Sclerology doesn’t require complicated equipment. Good lighting that illuminates the sclera well enough to clearly see all the markings needed for the diagnosis will suffice.

The science of sclerology was used in the days of ancient Chinese medicine and ancient charts illustrating the various areas of the sclera still exist.

Modern day researchers based their research on ancient wisdom and developed an accurate method that compliments iridology perfectly.

I have been an iridologist for 16 years and after working with both methods combined, have come to the understanding that the iridologist’s work is not complete without analyzing the sclera.

The information indicated in the sclera is accurate and of great significance. It reveals the following to the iridologist:

* What pathological processes are occurring in the body right now?

* Where is a disease developing and what organs are effected?

* What is the client’s emotional state and what is his relationship with himself and with the world outside.

* The influence of medications and various environmental elements on the body.

* The extent to which fats and minerals have accumulated in the blood vessels.

* Is there a development of neoplasm, tumor causing cells present and where are they located?

* Is the body affected by radiation from X ray, CT, MRI, cobalt and micro-waved food? I have recently    discovered markings indicating damage to the soft tissue of the head resulting from heavy use of cellular  phones! Recently, there have been many cases of paralysis of the facial muscles and a surgeon has  suggested that radiation may be affecting the face area.

* Presence of parasites, bacteria and viruses in the organism.

* Markings that accurately indicate the state of blood vessels and of the cardio-vascular system, including  specific markings that indicate an imminent heart attack or stroke.

* Development of diabetes.

* Metabolic functioning.

                        and much more!

This long list is based on research and proof collected by my teacher for 30 years.

Every practitioner realizes that the ability to predict a condition enables use of preventive measures and lets the healing process become activated as soon as possible; primarily to teach the client how to lead a healthy life and how to take responsibility for healing himself through his own lifestyle.

Iridologists who would like to empower their work and develop their skills are invited to take part in an exciting, experiential Sclera Diagnosis Course. Newcomers to this field can take a combined course in Iridology and Sclerology. (see details in “courses”).

Healing Modalities practiced by Miriam Garber

PEAT – Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence

Dr. Miriam Garber Ph.D. MBMD Dip. H.Ir.

Trainer and practitioner

PEAT is a spiritual technology and therapy system developed about 10 years ago by Zivorad Slavinsky. It is suitable for:

  • Trans-personal energy healing that easily, quickly and elegantly eliminates a complete trauma chain, with no side effects.
  • Resolving a person’s basic problem.
  • Spiritual development

Resolving emotional and physical problems such as:

  • Destructive fantasies
  • Compulsiveness
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Fears and anxieties
  • Emotional blocks
  • Release from self destruction

The revolutionary PEAT system is based on the knowledge that man is an entity comprised of energy that includes light and information. Delicate pressure on points on the energy meridians stimulates and changes the flow and supply of energy to bodily organs and systems, and creates a rebalance at all levels of existence: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The system aims at resolving the fundamental human problem that is the result of automatic behavior patterns stemming from constant ambulation between two polarities. The first two polarities (“Primes”) are opposite forces that cause a person to alternate between two extremes that cause an imbalance in his/her life – the cause of human suffering. For example: love and freedom. As long as people are free, they will search for love, but when they are in love, they feel trapped, and crave freedom, in a repetitive cycle. The process enables one to be in a relationship of freedom and love at the same time, consummating both.

The process creates a neutralization of two polarities, thus creating discretionary living space, based on the awareness that every coin has two inseparable sides. Our lives have always been, and will always be, composed of good and bad, of light and dark, of countless contrasts. Recognizing this at a cognitive level is not sufficient. We must undergo an energy process in order to break down the negative charge resting on the polarities, thus enabling free-choice life, a life free of the fundamental problems that rule people’s lives.

Another aspect of this central notion is treating physical and emotional traumas. Through an energy process, we neutralize the emotional charges which accompany traumas and on which they feed for years. During the process, the negative emotions disappear, and the trauma disappears within minutes, with no side effects.

Developing the process created a powerful tool for solving long-term emotional problems within less than an hour.

Using advanced spiritual technology, based on ground-breaking psychological understanding, one can create new personality components and resolve fears and anxieties that block life’s development and advances. The process leads to spiritual growth, existential, intellectual, and spiritual freedom, and an openness to new dimensions of existence.

Dr. Miriam Garber Ph.D MBMD Dip.H.Ir.  – PEAT trainer and practitioner.
054 – 2188929

IPEC – Emotional & Physical Balancing and Allergy Neutralization

IPEC is a holistic method of treatment that regards body/psyche/spirit as a whole and is based on discovering the roots of the complaint through use of kinesiology (muscle testing) and giving a comprehensive treatment that includes advanced methods of holistic healing. This method successfully neutralizes allergies and sensitivities to substances and external and internal causes (e.g. substances excreted by the body), creating emotional and physical balance. This system is based on IPEC and NAET.

The IPEC system is based on NAET – Natural Allergy Elimination Technique – an established system developed by Dr. Nambudripad., an Indian lady doctor who lives and works in California, USA. Dr. Nambudripad was allergic to nearly every kind of food imaginable for most of her life. She lived off rice and broccoli for nearly 12 years. Her suffering led her to the development of a “hands on” system enabling her to neutralize her own allergies. A lengthy process was involved as each allergy was dealt with separately and the emotional factors affecting her were not taken into account.

Dr. Nambudripad’s pupils, added additional healing techniques from their own fields of expertise; chiropractics, psychology and Chinese medicine, to the basic system. They aimed at totally balancing the physical body and revealing the hidden, emotional source of the disorder from the sub-conscience (in most cases) and created IPEC – Integrated Physical and Emotional Clearing, that is the basis of my own system.

The integration of materials from both these systems combined with my personal knowledge and R&D of the following: IPEC Certified Senior Therapist, Iridology, Sclerology, Macrobiotic nutrition, Homeopathy, Chinese medicine, guided imagery, Bio-energy and Bio-orgonomy, healing herbs, Aromatherapy oils, acupressure, EFT and TFT, innovative techniques in vibrational , medicine, Healing and spiritual technology, led me to the development of my new system

This combination of therapeutic tools results in a significant breakthrough in complex emotional and physical treatments, shortens treatment time and broadens the scope of problems that I am able to treat with exciting results.

The treatments are very successful with children and adults from age 0 – 100!

Conventional medicine uses information given by the patient to discover the source of allergy. The patient shares assumptions and can only report symptoms that they are aware of. Allergies are tested by injecting various substances under the skin, substances that the body can react to but are not necessarily the cause of the problem, consequently, this method leaves more hidden than revealed. Emotional causes are not taken into account, these are generally unconscious and in most cases are the source of the problem/allergy. Therefore, conventional medicine cannot offer a long-term cure.

It is not uncommon for the body to develop sensitivity (that can manifest as pain, itching, runny nose, rash, weakness of various body systems and last but not least, severe emotional reaction) as a result of unbalance caused by external factors such as food, environmental conditions, radiation, weather, medication, bacteria etc. or internal factors such as substances produced by the body – hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters, adrenaline etc. In cases such as these, contact with the allergenic substance cannot be avoided and conventional medicine is unable to offer a relevant treatment. Additionally, long-term (life-long!) contact with external causes such as foods and environmental factors cannot be avoided.

I frequently meet people whose severe allergy stems from childhood trauma, painful memories, harsh emotional patterning that passes from generation to generation and limiting belief systems that create automatic, stubborn and self-destructive behaviors.

In cases such as these, the combination of Iridology, Sclerology. PEAT and IPEC makes the difference: it creates a change in the body’s memory of the substance or emotional cause by creating a fundamental change in the cellular vibrations that store the memory and creates a corrective experience.

The body remembers negative emotional experiences that in some cases are linked to substances, emotions and thoughts. The negative experience is engraved in the cellular memory for generations. The techniques used   neutralize the negative memory which wastes room and energy and resonates in a fashion that doesn’t support the body’s healing frequency.

The professional roots of the IPEC system led to the birth of my new system that covers a world of advanced therapeutic techniques.

Miracles occur in these combined sessions and people who have suffered for years from pain, discomfort and limited day to day functioning recover completely and joyfully in a relatively short time, without use of medication.

Use of I&S and resolving the Emotional based problems  creates a new space for a life free of negative feelings towards ourselves and others.

Miriam Garber treats the following:

– All types of allergy

– Trauma

– Fears and anxiety

– Addictions (smoking, gambling, food, drink etc.)

– Phobias

– Depression

– Behavioral disorders

– Feeling stuck in life

– Difficulty in forming relationships

– Eating disorders

– Obsessions

– Emotional blockages

– Fertility problems

 – Bed wetting

– Skin problems

– Migraines

– Digestive problems

****And more…

Reconnective Healing

“To Reconnect” – During the session the body’s energies go through a process of reconnection to the universal source of this nourishing energy. Springs and strands, threads and cords of this new energy create an infinite network transferring light and information around the planet and create an energetic pathway between the source and the receiver. Along this pathway flows a continuous, empowering stream of universal energy that makes complete health and total physical- emotional equilibrium possible. We humans are an inseparable part of earth and the universe. It is mistaken to think that we are “one world” and everything around us is “another world”. We are affected by the earth’s motion, movements of the planets and galaxies and the entire universe. The macro (universe) is accurately reflected in the micro (our body). For example, the earth is comprised of 75% water and so are our bodies. Water has a memory and acts as a conduit of information. Information flows between planets and universes and through us. Today, New Age physicists understand the effect the universe and the earth have on us and report new findings at international conferences that are aimed at opening our consciousness to new information. For more information read “The Field” by Ann McTaggart.

Our ability to connect to the universal source of nourishment, to act as a conduit of this energy and to use our body as an antenna that channels the required energy to locations lacking in it enables us to create speedy and accurate healing processes.

The results of the process are amazing. People report experiences of joy, enhanced senses, concentration, increased self-confidence and disappearance of pain. I personally experienced a miraculous healing of something that doctors predicted would leave me disabled and limited for ever. I learnt the technique from Dr. Eric Pearl who came from the USA to teach in England and I use it successfully in The Center of Natural Healing in Mishmar Hashiva.

Reconnective Healing was created to unite body/psyche/spirit as a single whole.


The next stage is Reconnection – connecting the individual to the earth’s meridians. Before advancing to this stage, the individual has to receive a number of preparatory Reconnective Healing sessions.

Reconnection is given in two parts (two sessions) in which precise work is carried out on over 100 points positioned on the body’s meridians according to the traditional method given to humanity through Dr. Eric Pearl. This process connects the individual to their life objectives and to the fulfillment of their purpose on earth.


Courses in Iridology and Sclerology are suitable for practitioners, doctors, medical staff – nurses, pharmacists and for people who want to broaden their horizons.

Iridology and Sclerology – Combined Course

The course curriculum is as follows:

* Iridology and Sclerology charts

* Markings on the iris and the sclera and their meaning

*Prof. Schmidt’s theory of constitutions

*Eye markings and lifestyle

*Correlating iris markings and sclera markings

*Methods of treatment

Photographing students’ and guests’ eyes and studying the markings from the photographs.

Practice of eye diagnosis (iris and sclera) on students and guests.

The course is based on the textbook “Practical Iridology” The Revealed Secret of the Eye by Miriam Gerber. The book contains hundreds of coloured illustrations and examples.

The book can be purchased from Miriam Garber directly or from Dr. Garber and Amazon.

Iridology Book

Miriam Garber’s book “Practical iridology” The revealed Secret of the Eye has been published by Ofir Publishing.

This is the most practical and professional book on Iridology published in Hebrew and was written for doctors, practitioners, students of complimentary medicine and people who want to broaden their horizons. The book contains hundreds of coloured photos illustrating the written material.

The book can be ordered directly from Miriam 054-2188929, 03-9604620 .

The Green  Zimmer next to the Healing Center

Next to the Healing Center is a comfortable, pleasant Zimmer for guests wishing to experience the variety of treatments mentioned on this website. People living in the north and south of Israel can combine diagnosis and treatment with recreation in central Israel.

If you’re looking for relaxation away from home, a break from the stress of everyday life, if you want to have some fun in the big city, Tel Aviv, and stay in a quiet, country place, this is the place. The Green Zimmer.

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